Trying to Throw Me Under the Bus

(Note that for reasons that should become clear below this article wasn’t originally published back in 2012 when I wrote it.  It has recently been edited somewhat as well.)

I started writing about some of my air traffic experiences back in 2007.

At that time the FAA had imposed work rules on the controller workforce, and it was pretty miserable going into work and discovering that in spite of the FAA wanting to be “large and in charge”, managed to time and time prove how incompetent they really were.

To borrow a phrase, they kept proving that they “couldn’t manage their way out of a paper bag.”

It was a very frustrating time to be working as an air traffic …

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ERAM is Back

Although it wasn’t intended to be, this blog evolved into one primarily about the FAA’s attempts to replace its aged HOST computer system with En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM), mostly because there has been (and continues) to be a void of information about the project.

It’s been a while since my last entry because my facility – Minneapolis ARTCC (ZMP) – hasn’t used ERAM on live traffic since spring of 2010.  Given that little information about ERAM was forthcoming, there wasn’t much I could write about until now.

The program continues to be delayed by numerous problems and bugs, and costs continue to escalate.

ERAM was first used on live traffic at the key sites, Salt Lake Center (ZLC) and …

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