ERAM Problems No Longer a Secret

In spite of the FAA’s attempts to keep their ongoing problems with their En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) program under wraps, there are those that have taken notice.

The Department of Transportation Inspector General (DOT IG), Calvin L. Scovel III, testifed before the House Subcommittee on Aviation on April 21st, 2010, about the status of the FAA’s entire NextGen project, including ERAM, stating that (my emphasis):

The $2.1 billion ERAM program will replace the existing hardware and software at facilities that manage high-altitude traffic.  ERAM,  however,  is experiencing software-related problems at FAA’s key initial operating site in Salt Lake City.  These problems include radar processor failures, problems in handing off traffic between controllers, and critical flight information being paired to

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We Apologize for the Delay (in ERAM)…

For the time being, the FAA’s En Route Automation Modernization (ERAM) usage on live traffic is on hold pending what the FAA is calling a “review” of the program.

Early in the week of March 22, the FAA finally gave in to pressure to stop running the faulty versions of the ERAM software on live air traffic.

We were also being told that allegedly they were going to take the time to allow the program contractor (Lockheed Martin) to make software changes that would fix all the major ERAM bugs before running it again on live air traffic.

But early in April, it appeared that the FAA was considering having Salt Lake Center (ZLC) run the latest ERAM software version …

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