Concorde Cockpit Videos

Like a lot of air traffic controllers I’m a bit of an aviation geek (even though center controllers never actually see airplanes except as blips on radar scopes).

Undoubtedly the most amazing passenger aircraft to ever see scheduled service was the supersonic Concorde, which first entered service in 1976 and flew until 2003.

A bit of interesting trivia from the Wikipedia entry:

Concorde was able to overtake or outrun the spin of the earth. On westbound flights it was possible to arrive at a local time earlier than the flight’s departure time. On certain early evening transatlantic flights departing from Heathrow or Paris, it was possible to take off just after sunset and catch up with the sun, landing in daylight. This was much publicised by British Airways, who used the slogan “Arrive before you leave.”

I found these videos on Liveleak a few months ago and meant to post them here but never got around to it until now.

They are in nicely made multi-camera cockpit videos narrated by the Captain of a British Airways Concorde in flight (don’t know when they were made).

There are three videos: takeoff, acceleration and landing.




Here are a few other Concorde videos:

Sonic Boom

Tribute Video to Concorde

Concorde Touch and Go in the Rain

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