Merry Christmas to Me From Uncle Sammy

It’s nice to know I’m a valued member of the organization I work for…

It’s another Christmas where almost every other government employee (and all the managers where I work) got a raise except for me and many of my air traffic controller coworkers (except for the newly hired/lower paid “B” scale air traffic controllers whose base pay was cut dramatically from the older “A” scale).

One of them wrote this blog entry that summarizes the situation nicely.

Allegedly the pay freezes and “B” scale for new hires were needed to fund NextGen, the name given to a pie in the sky system to overhaul the entire air traffic system; parts of which haven’t even been specifically defined yet.…

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Magical Mystical NextGen and ADS-B

FAA air traffic controllers been seeing all sorts of videos at work about the FAA’s much touted NextGen air traffic system and ADS-B, apparently to get air traffic controllers excited about the new technology.

We’re beginning our training for ERAM, which is a computer system replacement that will have the capability to use all the whiz-bang features of NextGen, should they ever come to fruition.  The schedule for ERAM however has already slipped due to development delays.

I finally starting looking into the details of ADS-B, a cornerstone of NextGen.  ADS-B is designed to replace radar.  Radar is the primary system air traffic controllers use to determine aircraft position (and keep the aircraft separated by the required distances).…

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