Microsoft Virtual Earth Goofiness

Jay, a friend at work (known as JBall to most of those who work with him), is a private pilot and owns a Cessna 182 Skylane.

As such Jay does a fair amount of reading online about aviation issues and topics.  He also plays around with Microsoft Virtual Earth.

I’m not sure how he found this, but he showed this to me last week, and I told him I thought it was notable enough to post here so others could see it too.  So I’m stealing this discovery from Jay and posting it here.  (Thanks, Jay!)

Telluride, Colorado (TEX) airport is situated on a mesa in the mountains.

One can look at maps of the area including aerial …

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FAA Medical Mayhem

I had been putting off going to the doctor to talk to him about a chronic, recurring medical problem I have had off and on for years now.  I finally made an appointment on Friday, because I also had picked up an earache that didn’t seem to be getting better.  So I decided to get both problems addressed at the same time.

The doctor told me I had some fluid buildup in my ear, for which he prescribed an antibiotic.  For the other problem he gave me a prescription for a drug very similar to what I had taken years ago for the same problem.

When I tried to get the prescription for the latter filled, I found that my …

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